Rollerball micro bowling cost

Then Mini Bowling is here to the rescue! Capture pin-striking excitement without breaking the bank or taking up too much space.

rollerball micro bowling cost

It is a fantastic option for homes that are looking to install unique entertainment. Mini Bowling uses bowling balls that do not have finger holes inside them — they can fit into the palm of an adult hand, a little larger than the typical alley bowler ball. The display shows a number of fun animations as well as player scoring information, tracking up to six 6 different players at a time.

As shown by the banner above, you can also order it in a variety of pre-fab themes or we can look at creating a completely custom artwork job. The purchase of any Mini Bowling lane will include all related installation work by trained technicians. We will provide this as a part of the quotation that is sent to you. Mini Bowling has been updated for to accommodate advances in technology as well as improvements in the design from operational feedback.

The lane lengths are measured from the back of the pinsetters to the start of the player area. Can be installed in 2, 3 or 4 lane modules.

We can also commission a customized theme for you, for an additional cost. Black Light Bowling. Mini-Bowling lanes and pins are manufactured with special inks and neon pigments that glow under black lights if available in your venue.

Backbox Displays.

Rollerball Mini Bowling

In between each roll, animations play to entertain on-lookers. At the end of a match, you can record your score onto the Top 10 Leaderboard. Operator Adjustable. Change settings with ease. The software includes an exclusive timer regressive time counter to avoid slow play. Various Payment Acceptance Options.

The lanes can be setup for various styles of payments. Please specify what you need when ordering. They have been designed to follow these rigorous international standards in quality, to ensure best operation and excellent earnings.

Lanes come with turnkey installation, manufacturers warranty and manufacturer technical support. NOTE: This will increase the length of the lanes. The following examples show a typical layout for the Mini Bowling, in different configurations. Give us a call and we can assist in tailoring your purchase to your situation, using our professional architect in designing a layout.

If you have any questions about the dimensions for a Mini Bowling setup, just give us a call! At PrimeTime Amusements, we have direct experience with the development, installation and operation of a Mini Bowling setup. Slide The Puck To Bowl! Operator Adjustable Change settings with ease.Allied Bowling provides customers with access to the best mini bowling alley construction professionals. Our services are available to clients anywhere in the world, and we also have nation-wide expertise to meet the needs of domestic businesses.

Each project design is carefully coordinated by architects, designers and engineers to ensure that the final result optimizes profits for the business owner. The construction is performed according to industry standards to ensure a long-lasting result.

These structures are designed to last, so your exit strategy will also generate stable returns on the investment. With high-quality equipment and ecologically friendly bowling systems, you can appeal to the newest generation of environmentally conscious consumers. Consider the benefits of using the services of Allied Bowling for your next mini bowling center. As the premiere bowling alley builder, our expertise includes every aspect of the project. This includes creative designequipment manufacturing, installation, and sales.

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With over 25 years of experience, our company understands how to maximize revenues for customers in any location in the world. This is a great resource for community centers, churches and other organizations who are interested in obtaining a mini bowling center solution.

Other facilities can benefit from mini bowling alley construction, installations and bowling equipment:. There are a variety of benefits our customers receive when partnering with Allied Bowling. Evaluate the long-term strategy of installing a green mini bowling system, for example. The latest pin-setter technology is used, which is the most environmentally friendly solution available.

Other enhanced features include the 40 "LED scoring monitors as well as our high-quality LED high output lighted capping. Your facility can market these enhancements to ecologically conscious customers. This is also a low-maintenance, affordable design. We are always available to answer your questions, so contact one of our service professionals today to find out how you can install a mini bowling system anywhere in the world.

Family entertainment centers Bars and nightclubs Cruise ships Residential facilities Resorts and hotels There are a variety of benefits our customers receive when partnering with Allied Bowling. Getty St. Attention: JavaScript is not activated!Our Rollerball Mini Bowling Systems offer a variety of payment options including coins, bill accepter, debit and credit card swipe reader, prepay and post-pay and ticket redemption.

One of the most innovative and dynamic entertainment applications today is the mini bowling alley. The design for a mini bowling alley is simple. You will use minimal space to set these systems in place, and they will require almost no maintenance. The best feature for the mini bowling alleys is the fun and exciting experience they create for your customers.

Your clients will be in astonished with the state-of-the-art scoring systems built into these alleys. Younger bowlers will no longer have to feel disappointed with their balls falling into the gutter. The Mini Bowling Alleys have automatic bumpers that appear with just the push of a button.

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Rollerball Bowling systems can be installed almost anywhere. They can add large profits and only take up a minimal amount of space.

These alleys are ideal for shopping malls and centers, hotel lobbies, and especially as part of a bar or pub entertainment area. Other areas that can benefit from the mini bowling alley are:. The mini bowling alleys are the ideal form of entertainment for a number of different functions.

rollerball micro bowling cost

Birthday parties, corporate events, or any large gathering will be an event to remember with a stand-alone console for guests to enjoy. The console provides a single lane which can be coin operated or card swipe.

There are optional bill receptors available for these units. It takes only seconds to engage in the fun and excitement of mini bowling. These systems feature a simple, user-friendly mini console with a standard inch monitor. Rollerball mini bowling is the only system that can provide you with a video masking unit option.

You will have the choice of a two-lane wide screen or four-lane mega media screen. Mini Bowling Brochure.We have a team of cabinet makers that will pre-fabricate your bowling system at our factory. We do all the measuring and cutting on our floor, leaving the construction dust with us.

Deliveries are door to door directly to your home and our team will assemble your system on-site. A residential bowling alley is the perfect complement to any home recreation area. This type of decadence was only reserved for the uber rich. Many captains of industry or Hollywood moguls chose to install a lane or two in their estates.

Now you can indulge. Bowling for your home is a very real and very affordable amusement showpiece. WEEE do! I cannot call this a basement any more, my Basement is a Replacement.

rollerball micro bowling cost

Now a kid from Hollis Queens has a bowling alley in his home! It is an amazing transformation. Your friends and neighbors will be amazed that you have a REAL bowling alley that has auto pinsetting, auto scoring, auto ball return system along with glow-in-the-dark lanes. No need for special shoes or lane oiling machines. With our bowling lanes you can use your own street shoes, follow our U-tube videos to maintain your equipment.

And there are absolutely NO oiling of the lane requirements. No need to worry about spills, scuff marks or dirt on the lanes. Maintain your lane like a tile floor, a damp mop and maybe a little spray cleaner and the lanes will keep that brand new look year in year out.

We service what we sell. You are only a phone call away from instant answers. Extended warranty and service plans are available. Unload your equipment and commence your on-site assembly. Overseas orders will transport via sea container. Equipment ranges from to lbs per lane, a forklift or a liftgate truck will be required.

Most carriers only allow a couple of hours to unload. They can off load the equipment and hand deliver to you. This is the best way to deal with 2nd floor or basement deliveries.

Stages of a Mini Bowling Lane #2! (Day 4)

For a Quotation Call or Click Today:. Your Name required. Your Email required. Phone Number. Richard Nixon 37th Pres. Lights … Camera … Action! Previous Next. Extreme Home Entertainment:. Masking Facade Art:.Mini-bowling has established itself as the most dynamic and innovative addition to almost all entertainment applications. Because of this. Your customers will enjoy the fun and excitement of our mini bowling systems, and it will be awed by our. Little bowlers can avoid gutter balls with our automatic bumpers that pop up at the push of a button.

Rollerball Bowling systems add big profits to small spaces, as it can be installed virtually anywhere, including:. This system is perfect for corporate events, birthday parties, and other private functions. Anyone can walk up and be rolling within seconds with our simple, user-friendly mini-consoles. Rollerball is the only mini bowling system that offers a video masking unit option. Theme your walls with our enhanced glow graphics and watch your facility come alive!

Plan Your Center. Hybrid Bowling. Boutique Bowling. Residential Bowling. Mini Bowling. Graphics Selections. Video Masking Units. Bowling Furniture. US Vantech. Celebrity Furniture. Shoreline Collection. Automatic Scoring. Rent Automatic Scoring. Purchase Automatic Scoring. Pindeck lights.

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Lane Machines. Kustodian ION. Kustodian Plus. Parts and Supplies. Contact Us.The simplicity of the Brunswick StringPin pinsetter makes it extremely versatile. The simple design of the StringPin pinsetter makes it easy to operate and maintain. The StringPin pinsetter is very economical compared to traditional pinsetters. StringPin requires fewer parts and adjustments, eliminating the need for a specialized mechanic and reducing labor costs. It operates on one 3-phase motor per machine, which runs only as needed.

No fluorescent tubes to change or dispose of. LEDs provide lower energy consumption, superior light quality, and last longer. Old pins even appear newer under the LED lights. No mini-bowling or arcade-like versions here. For spaces that can't accommodate traditional lanes, Brunswick brings the space-saving solutions of Epicenter.

StringPin Pinsetter

With reduced length lanes and a StringPin pinsetter, Epicenter's authentic bowling experience is available for resorts, restaurants, and bars to differentiate themselves and boost food and beverage sales and increase group events.

The StringPin pinsetter is a low-cost alternative for bars, resorts, community centers, and small entertainment centers looking to add the fun of bowling without the added maintenance and power costs associated with traditional pinsetters. Contact Brunswick. Versatile The simplicity of the Brunswick StringPin pinsetter makes it extremely versatile.

Learn More. Lightworx Pin Deck Lighting. StringPin Safety Guarding. GS-X Pinsetters. Warranty Info Brunswick warrants products to be free from material and workmanship defects for 1 year after purchase. Share StringPin Pinsetter.Learn more.

rollerball micro bowling cost

Complete with music and sound effects, our Cannon Bowl system is more than a game It's an adventure. Plan Your Center. Hybrid Bowling.

Boutique Bowling. Residential Bowling. Mini Bowling. Graphics Selections. Video Masking Units. Bowling Furniture.

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US Vantech. Celebrity Furniture. Shoreline Collection. Automatic Scoring. Rent Automatic Scoring. Purchase Automatic Scoring. Pindeck lights. Lane Machines. Kustodian ION. Kustodian Plus. Parts and Supplies. Contact Us. Technical support. Rollerball classic mini bowling system. A BIG impact in a small space. Rollerball Micro is the ultimate system for every center.

Rollerball Classic. All systems are shown with all add-ons and upgrades. Rollerball Mini Bowling.

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